A LyoSphere is a microliter aliquot of liquid that has been lyophilized as a precise and durable sphere to be packaged inside virtually any device awaiting rehydration.

LyoSpheres are shelf-stable, consistent, robust, and instantly rehydrated.

Examples of devices LyoSpheres are packaged inside include:

  • Multi-well plates
  • Screw cap tubes
  • 8-tube strips
  • ReActivator
  • Automated reader strips
  • Blood collection tubes
  • Capillary tubes
  • Chromatography vials
  • Clinical chemistry rotors
  • Crushable ampoules
  • Cuvettes
  • Eppendorf tubes
  • Glass serum vials
  • Lateral flow devices
  • Microfuge tubes
  • Microfluidic chips
  • Plastic serum vials
  • Snap-activated devices
  • Specimen collection containers
  • Squeeze dropper tubes
  • Syringes
  • Tissue culture tubes
  • Proprietary devices